Saturday, 20 February 2010

381: Golden Chestnuts III

Another long-running English joke.
“Heaven” is the gay London nightclub, established in 1979. The name is obviously a bit cheeky, and so provokes jokes. More mark of its success must be that it has crossed over into heterosexual awareness.
How many people would be expected to know the name of a gay nightclub in the early 1980s? Well here’s a demonstration.

From "Not 1983" calendar

And so for about thirty years, there have been, cartoons sketches, and bits and banter of the like:

Obviously gay man (preferable clone-style so no one is oblivious) says to vicar: See you in Heaven.

Or :

First figure: My friend’s gone to Heaven.
Second figure: (condolences) Oh I’m so sorry to hear that.
First figure: No, the club

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