Tuesday, 2 February 2010

377: Thoughts on the Announcement of the Pope's Visit to Britain

Ken Pyne in "Punch" 18 April 1979
Having worked in a diocesan office, this is particularly true. A number of the Church of England priests who object to the ordination of women do so, not merely because of outright misogyny, but because of that specific gay misogyny which does not want to see women encroach on their own little gayified world. So by the Pope inviting those objectors to female ordination to cross over to the Catholic side, there's likely to be a significant homosexual contingent. If the Pope wants gay priests he's already got enough in his own without poaching ours.

Manfred Deix

Manfred Deix

Gerhard Haderer

When it comes to being objectionable about the Catholic Church, people who gre up Catholic are so much better at than us. Deix and Haderer deserve to be better known to western cartoon and satire enthusiasts. Not only are they satirically sharp but they have real art chops which add a horrible verisimilitude to their human grotesques.

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